2020 Recap (Summer)

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! It’s strange to be posting about summer in the middle of winter but I’m still catching up on all the photographs I took last summer. It’s also snowy and -10 degrees celsius outside today and summer pictures warm my heart a little. Soon after this post I’ll be posting the fall photographs, those have been real fun and amazing for me this year because of a new lens addition that I’ll be talking about then. But for now, this is a mish-mash of everyday type photography, the style you’ve come to expect from me.

Needless to say this has been a crazy year for everyone. I do hope you have been able  to maintain good health throughout the pandemic, and that your loved ones are all safe and well. We’ve been safe and well, and we’ve been fortunate to have an addition to our family, baby boy Basel, born on August 29 of this year. One day I guess we’ll tell him about the great pandemic of 2020!

This summer I’ve tried a new lens, the Canon 35mm f/2 IS USM, which is quite different from any Canon lens I’ve used before, but I ended up selling it because every time I used it I was reminded of how new and modern lens design totally turns me off and conflicts with my style of photography. If anyone out there is interested in a brief review I’d be happy to write a short post on it.

Lately I’ve been obsessed with printing, not the sort of printing you do at Walgreens but fine art printing of the highest museum quality. It’s taken me down a rabbit hole of discovering different paper types and how they interact with ink, and different pro-printing agencies and their various offerings. Then there’s the question of which photographs to print, which turns out is the hardest question to tackle, but ultimately the most rewarding to figure out. In any case, more on this in the next blog post.

To wrap up, I have a few reminders:

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  • Stay healthy, please!


Gear used:

Canon 5DMkIV
Various Zeiss ZE lenses
Canon EF 2/35 IS USM
Canon EF 1.8/85 USM

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