2020 Recap (Spring)

My last blog post was on Feb 22, 2020. It was the midst of winter, I was living in an obsolete little college town called West Lafayette, and Covid-19 was a distant fear. Fast forward a few months and now we live in Indianapolis, have a new baby, and the world is sliding into the abyss. When I’m surrounded by fear and despair I resort to my comfort zone, photography. So I decided to dust my blog and write a new post and forget about the world for a few minutes. Another reason why I decided to get back to the blog is how much I’ve NOT been enjoying viewing and posting pictures on Instagram, where the photograph is reduced to a fleeting condensed image that scrolls by instantly only to be immediately replaced by a hundred other images, it’s the anti-photography app in my opinion. So here’s a blog post for those who appreciate seeing pictures a little slower and with a little more detail than Instagram affords us. Better yet if you truly want to appreciate a photograph then print it! I’ve been enjoying that a lot lately and I’ve started out my own printshop to offer up some of my favorite prints in the highest possible quality.

Since I have not posted anything for a long time I’ll start out with a collection of 12 Spring photographs that I’ve been enjoying lately, I hope you enjoy them too and perhaps not on your phone screen! I’ll follow these up with a series on summer and then fall. 

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  1. Thank you for helping us see the beauty amidst the ugliness in the world right now! Stay safe and be well!

    • Hey Jenna, so nice to hear from you!! Yes we need some beauty, it’s an ugly world but there’s so much beauty in it only if we open up our eyes. Take care dear and stay safe.

  2. Wonderful pictures! I especially liked #s 4,5 and 8 🙂

  3. Unsurprisingly, the photos are great. And congrats on the new baby!

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