Charming Lafayette Part Two

This is the second part in a series I’m calling “Charming Lafayette.” It’s basically some of my photographic musings while walking through the city of Lafayette, Indiana, where I currently reside. Since it’s an old city with a certain historic charm I chose to shoot it with my digital Leica M9 and an old 50s lens (Summicron 50mm Rigid). The editing is kept to minimal and consistent with what a Kodachrome film might look like, which is why you may see the colors a bit off and subdued with low contrast. Not much more to add here, hope you’ll enjoy, and don’t forget to check out Part One of this series.


  1. Awesome pics. Mike is doing well since the heart attack in September. It’s soon to be garden time😎😘. I am off to California to see my sister in early March.Missing U🤗

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