Fall, 2018 (1/2)

My move from Ramallah to Indiana coincided with end of Summer/beginning of Fall seasons in Indiana, which has kept me busy with photography and regular nature walks. I currently have more pictures to edit than I have time for, but I wanted to get this post out to catch up a little bit and soon I’ll post the sequel which will pretty much complete the fall photographs for this year. I’m also working on a simultaneous project which I’m excited to share on the blog when it’s ready, and it involves film again after five years since the last film post. This post contains a collection from several walks, one was on a frosty morning with lots of fun stuff to photograph. The first image is of the forest and was made by moving the camera up while pressing the shutter using slow shutter speed. The last photograph was made from inside the car while fleeing from a brutal thunderstorm.

Hope you enjoy and as always I enjoy hearing your comments.


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