Charming Lafayette Part One

What is Lafayette? It’s my new hometown for the foreseeable future, one hour’s drive north from Indianapolis and two hour’s south from Chicago. Lafayette is full of charm- it has a quaint little downtown with a Main street and many little ‘mom and pop’ shops. Walking down Main street with a Leica and vintage lens circa 1950s, I took these images with a romantic eye towards a bygone era this town may have once enjoyed. This is part one, and there’s also part two which you should check out. Hope you’ll enjoy.

Technical details below.
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Technical Details:

Leica M9
Leitz Summicron 35mm V.3
Leitz Summicron 50mm Rigid

  1. Nice photoessay showing some quiet corners of my hometown. It was great to see you guys! Let’s start scheming another trip. R

    • Roger, thanks a lot my friend, it’s a lovely town indeed. It was also great to see you two, and another trip is in order as soon as possible.

  2. Looks like a quaint town with lots of picture taking for you. Is your family with you?
    Looks great – keep your pictures and news coming.

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