For The Love of Green


I’m back in the States again, this time a small college town called West Lafayette in Indiana. Having spent the past 4.5 years in Palestine I’ve become eager to experience a new natural environment, and luckily Indiana seems to be full of parks and nature preserves. Don’t get me wrong, Palestine has a beautiful landscape that’s extremely varied and diverse, but the political boundaries often make it difficult to travel across the country freely and enjoy its natural richness.

In this blog post I’ve put together some of the images I’ve been shooting lately, these were mostly within 10-15 min of home and they symbolise how much I’ve missed greenery and forests and trees. I hope you’ll enjoy as well.

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  1. Welcome back to the states k- Hope Indiana treats you as good as MN. How long will you be here? Is your fyamily with you?

  2. Your photos draw out the small beauties that I remember from growing up in that flat, fertile, unremarkable, yet powerful landscape.

  3. I love the prairie flowers. My favorite is the top photo; I’ve always loved how Queen Anne’s Lace dries into such a perfect ball. Did you know that QAL is an invasive species to the Minnesota prairies? I forget that beautiful flowers can still be invasive since I usually just think of buckthorn.

    • Thanks Anna! I love prairie flowers this time of year the most perhaps, when they’re all turning brown and slowly decaying back into the soil. I didn’t know QAL is invasive to MN, wonder if it’s the same in IN?!

  4. So thankful to be able to see your wonderful photography. I have enjoyed it for some years now as some of your photos are framed at the Dykhuis family home in Hibbing.

    • Hey Patty, I’m so happy to hear from you! Thank you for your kind words, I’m humbled and flattered by them. I hope I can continue to bring you joy through my photographs. I would be happy to send you a print of your choice if you send me your information through the contact section on the website. All the best 🙂

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