Summer/Fall 2017 and Website Updates

Things have been quiet on the blog for a while, my last blog post was in June, which coincided with the birth of my first child and is probably the reason I’ve been off the airwaves for so long. Another reason is the unavailability of my Leica M9 since June while it gets a new sensor in New Jersey- a process that has taken probably longer than any camera repair in history! So in the meantime I’ve decided to re-do the website, meaning re-editing all the pictures and re-designing all the albums. New albums were added, and others were taken out. The goal for my redesign was largely self-discovery: to try to make some sense out of years’ worth of photography, to unearth overlooked images from my archives, and to challenge myself to re-edit all final images with my current editing techniques and software (Capture One Pro 10) to see what kind of results I can achieve today.

I am quite pleased with the results, I feel the current website represents my favorite images presented in way that is logical and enjoyable, to me at least. So I invite you to visit the website and scroll through the various pages, and I look forward to your feedback.

In this blog post I’d also like to present a number of new images that I’ve compiled over the summer. My walks have come to a screeching halt since June but I’ve managed to squeeze in a few.

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  1. Love love the acorn shot and the winding road through the orchard. Beautiful work.

    • Hey Jan, thanks so much for your feedback and I’m really glad you liked them! I shot the acorn picture only a week ago, the colours grabbed me. Hope all is well!

  2. Real nice photos 😉

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