Ramallah Walks IX

The 9th photographic collection in my Ramallah Walks series offers an odd mixture of nostalgia, film noir, intense light, vivid colour, and a sprinkle of politics. All these elements come together to offer a snapshot of this chaotic bubble called Ramallah– this lousy pretence to peace, affluence, and modernism. Ramallah is the terminal illness that has afflicted an otherwise-healthy 20 year-old who once had grand ambitions of a good life, a happy life. Yet miraculously this strange experiment works. The house of bubbles stands on thin sticks and life happens, in spite of all the bad things, life happens, with its beauty and grace, with its sparkle and colour. The rush of life is unstoppable.


Technical Details:

Leica M9
Leica Summicron 50mm
Leica Summicron 35mm (V.3)
Leica Elmarit 28mm ASPH

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  1. Yes, life hurtles forward, bringing in varying measure both promise and disappointment Your photos eloquntly capture the rhythms and textures that shape the unique, if tortured, bubble you call home.

  2. Once more you inspire me to “get my arse out with the camera” and shoot !
    I really like the second from top — evocative, I think.
    The kids are interesting too. I realised that they look different to me because they are not overweight like so many around here …..
    Keep ’em coming matey 🙂

  3. Hey mate, glad to hear you’re getting inspired to get out and shoot, just do it! I like the second from top as well, I hesitated whether to keep it in the collection or not but then felt some gravitation towards it. Funny about the kids, I never notice anymore that I don’t see so much obesity around, although to be fair obesity is quite high in this region in the rural areas.

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