Madrid: A Grand City

After recently spending 9 days traveling in the City of Madrid I was left with the impression of a truly grand city. This is a city that perhaps leaves nothing for the urban-life-seeker unsatisfied; from its world-class public parks and botanical gardens, to the impressive selection of accessible world-class museums and art exhibits, to the fantastic selection of restaurants and tapa bars- many of which Michelin Star, and of course I cannot forget the theaters which seemed as abundant as pubs and cafes.

But perhaps two things in particular shall stick with me from Madrid: people and color. Madridians are quite a social group of people to the extent that the city starts feeling like a small village. Around every corner of streets and plazas and in every cafe and restaurant I kept seeing people in groups, chatting and laughing and generally looking quite happy. Madrid is not a city for the loner, it welcomes the human interaction and thrives on it. Madridians tend to stay up late socializing, the plazas and squares don’t quiet down till the early morning hours, and this applies for weekdays as well as weekends.

As for color, well this city is filled with it, and strangely it often comes from grafitti! I’ve never seen so much grafitti in a city before, but this grafitti was different, it was screaming with color and identity. It indicated a desire for the city to express itself around every corner with its own unique tattoo. The grafitti added color and character to the city and I can’t imagine Madrid without it.

Along my walks I tried to shoot lots of pictures of the city this time mostly using a wide-angle lens (28mm), which I’m not used to. This field of view is wide and takes in a large amount of the surroundings, so one has to be careful with composition when using it, and you need to get quite close to the subject. I’ve enjoyed using this new lens and I will be posting some more pictures from Ramallah that I took with it that I think are quite different than my previous photographs.

All pictures were taken with Leical M9 and Elmarit 28mm ASPH and Summicron 50mm. I hope you’ll enjoy this walk through Madrid with me.


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