Ein Qiniya Field Notes VIII

In this part of the world summer seems to last for an eternity. When you are the type of person who ‘requires’ photography as part of their daily self-therapy your senses atrophy after a while from walking the same landscape and photographing the same shade of light falling on the same dead-dry thorny bush, or a boulder that might start to look remotely interesting if you stare at it long enough. However sometimes I tell myself that the difficulty of shooting in this type of fixed landscape for an extended period of time might  just be the challenge I need to improve and push my creative and compositional limits. Needless to say this challenge has been immense and I’m running on “E” as the photographs below indicate. These photographs span the majority of this summer, I am embarrased to say. The good news is, however, that change in weather is coming and in a month or two we shall start seeing more colors around after a few rainfalls.


















  1. There still are some GEMS here,Raed. We miss you so much. We are not so pleased with the news we get concerning Palestine. I pray you and loved ones are safe. Judy and Mike

    • Hey Judy! Glad to hear from you 🙂 I really appreciate your comment, I do like a few in there but it really took me all summer to shoot this post.
      Things are tense over here but we’re fine, thanks for keeping us in your thoughts.

  2. Glad to hear that these photos took all summer to shoot. I couldn’t stand the thought of your taking all of these in a couple of days! Fabulous shots though.
    I’d like to know more about what camera you used (Leica, Canon, pinhole ?) , lens , F stop & shutter, film and all that jazz.
    Also how much processing work you did.
    Lovely shots.


    • Hey mate, thanks a lot but I’m sure you can do better than this in a summer, these are long summers remember!
      In regards to the technical info, I made all these shots with a Canon 5D MkII, and four different Carl Zeiss prime lenses: 25 f/2, 35 f/2, 50 f/2 makro-planar, 85 f/1.4. I often shoot with wide apertures, either wide open (f/2 or f/1.4) or slightly smaller apertures. The landscape shots that require depth of field are shot at f/5.6 or f/8. I shoot in the evening light only, I time my walks to coincide with the golden hour.
      Hope this answers your question 🙂

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