Ramallah Walks VI

I can’t say that I’ve quite figured out how I feel about Ramallah after living here for nearly 2 years- the last time I had lived here was 17 years before my return. To be sure, this town has changed. The people are foreign to me- I’ve heard that Ramallah’s population shrinks by two-thirds over the weekend, which is a testament to the unnatural urbanization that Ramallah is undergoing. New buildings are replacing old, and the small-town feel I was familiar with as a child is all but gone now. When I walk these streets with my camera in my tight grip I’m an outsider looking in- I’m still part of this bubble-inside-a-bubble, but I’m very much a┬áskeptical outsider trying to determine my relationship to my new home.


Sept2015 street blog-6

Sept2015 street blog-7

Sept2015 street blog-8

Sept2015 street blog-10

Sept2015 street blog-12

Sept2015 street blog-2

Sept2015 street blog-3

Sept2015 street blog-15

Sept2015 street blog-14

Sept2015 street blog-11

Sept2015 street blog-16

Sept2015 street blog-13

Sept2015 street blog-4

Sept2015 street blog-1

Sept2015 street blog-5

Sept2015 street blog-9

  1. great shots

  2. Very colorful and so authentic photos. I am grateful for being lucky to find your page.
    all the best.

    • Thank you Nouran, I’m very grateful for your kind comments and happy to hear you’re enjoying my pictures ­čÖé

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