Ein Qiniya Field Notes II

This is the first part of an officially new series I’m calling “Ein Qiniya Field Notes,” comprised of my pictures of the Palestinian landscape from my walks in the fields around Ramallah and other parts of Palestine. In the past I’ve combined these types of images with my street photographs but it makes more sense to combine them under their own theme.

In this post you’ll find recent photographs from the Ein Qiniya area around Ramallah taken at sunset on 3 different trips. The stone structures you’ll see in some of these images are called “Qasr” and they can be found dotting the landscape across the fields of Palestine. They were traditionally built by farmers for use during work in the field such as harvest, where the farmers were often far from their homes and needed to store their crops and tools and a place to sleep and possibly to house their cattle. Sometimes these structures were very simple, other times they were more complex and made up of two stories, almost resembling a house.

I should finally note that now is the midst of olive harvest season across Palestine and many farmers are busy picking in the fields. This is an ancient annual tradition of such national significane and joy where everyone is aware of it and many take time off from work in the cities to help their families in their villages. Also many who don’t own trees help their friends who do. Unfortunately due to the Israeli Occupation many famres are unable to reach their fields this season such as in the town of Betunia near Ramallah where the Apartheid Wall runs adjacent to the town and cuts those farmers from their fields. Those farmers cannot get to their trees across The Wall except with a special permission from Israel, and as of yet that permission has not been issued. This is surely intentional as one of the varied tools of Occupation meant to further suffocate the traditional Palestinian way of life, starve them economically and agriculturally, and confiscate their lands.

I ask that you think of those farmers as you view the images below.

(Technical details below)
















Technical Details:
Canon 5D MkII
Various Zeiss ZE lenses


  1. Amazing pictures, that reflects part of the nature in Palestinian villages, and the life of the farmers. And their special relationship and ties with nature, land and agriculture..a rich cultural life. Which the Israeli occupation made all efforts possible using all means, such as confiscating the land, building settlements, building the seperation wall, harassing the farmers while working in their land..
    But still we exist and resist for our rights to live and work in our land.

  2. Great gift you’ve shared. Please keep it up.

    • Nora- thank you for your kind and encouraging words, they mean a lot to me. I certainly plan on continuing with this series.

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