Ramallah Walks II

My regular camera walks continue almost daily on the streets of Ramallah- and occasionally other surrounding cities. They have become my way to re-acquaint myself with a place I have not lived in for 17 years. In the process I’m trying not to judge but merely observe and let the mosaic slowly inform me.

I’ve decided on a title for this ongoing blog entry, I shall call it simply “Ramallah Walks” even though it may contain images from other cities. Of note the last image was taken in Bethlehem.

I’m also curious if you have a perference towards this format of sequenced images versus the previous slideshow format. Your feedback would be helpful. I hope you’ll enjoy!

To view the rest of this series click “Ramallah Walks” under categories.

(Technical details below)

















Technical Details:
Leica M9
Leica Summicron 2/35 (Type 3)
Leica Summicron 2/50

  1. Yeah, I like the sequence format more. It lets me linger on any given photo if I like to.

    • Ok Josh good to know. Thanks for the feedback. I was worried it would take too long to load up the page but maybe that’s not an issue. I also prefer the scrolling format, gives the image more room to breathe.

  2. Agree , the scrolling format allows u to examine each . The slide show though has its own charm !
    There is a lot of the “urban ” Ramallah ! It will be nice when your walks reach our villages .
    Beautiful work my friend 🙂

  3. Hi Raed, I went travelling with your pictures. I liked this format. The only comment is – it’s not easy to make a comment. Maybe that’s better. The pictures are all wonderful. You really are able to capture life as it is. Thanks

    • Jeanette I’m glad the pictures took you ‘on a journey,’ that’s the ultimate compliment. Sorry about the comments, I know it’s a pain but otherwise I’d get lots of spam. It’s always nice to near from you.

  4. Raed, your photos are so fascinating. You are slowly preparing us for a visit. I do enjoy these photos so much. I do like this scrolling format. We are missing you. We celebrate Valentine’s Day tomorrow. So hook up with someone to love and celebrate!!!:-)!!!

  5. I agree with those who prefer the scrolling format over the slideshow. Load time was not an issue, and it’s easier to view the photos as a sequence. I like this series. The photos teem with life — cigarette smoke, hookah, street crowds, the bustle of commerce — and then comes the out-of-the-way quiet of two women climbing the stairs. Nice.

    • Roger, you are so insightful per usual. It’s going to be sequence format from now on. That final image is a personal favorite of mine.

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