Ramallah Snowstorm Of 2013

Snow started falling and it wouldn’t stop for days– big, heavy flakes impregnated with moisture. They said it was going to be a major storm, but no one forsaw what was coming especially this early in the season. Histeria came in the form of keywords: “Alexa,” “Siberian,” and “polar.” The amounts were staggering, even by my usual Minnesota standards. A foot, then two, then I lost count. Older folks were recalling the historic storms of the olden days, with this coming out on top. Power outages were common for days. Old propane and kerosene heaters came out of the woodwork. When all was said and done the damage was massive. Trees were down by the hundreds, including many old olive trees. I’ve never before seen pines snapped in half at the trunk. Agriculture suffered in the millions, not to mention the countless accidents people got into. But if anything, the ‘bright’ side of the storm was the playtime kids got to have and the calm and peace and family time brought on by the forcibly-slowed pace of life. I’m certain¬†that this storm will be remembered and cited for generations to come, The Snowstorm Of 2013.

Ideally I would’ve walked for miles and probed the aftermath with my camera, but instead I was trapped at home for days due to the poor conditions of the roads and sidewalks. All I could do is take pictures of our backyard and surrounding area. I think you’ll still get the idea!

(Technical details below)














Technical Details:
Canon 5D MkII
Carl Zeiss Makro-Planar 2/50 ZE
Carl Zeiss Planar 1.4/85 ZE

  1. WOW! I like this one. Did you take this in monochrome or was that how it turned out? It really gives a feel for the coldness.

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