Minnesota North Shore Summer Trip

This trip was different from past ones. It marked my return to the Minnesota’s North Shore of Lake Superior since my accident last Fall, and it also included a wedding! Paul has been my partner in North Shore adventures for years. Together we’d hiked many miles along the Superior Hiking Trail, which he was happy to report is now fully connected for thru-hiking all 200+ miles of it. What an accomplishment! Paul got married to Cory in a lovely and intimate ceremony at Hawk Ridge in Duluth, and you’ll see a couple of pictures of that. Then I spent a night camping at Temperance River State Park just south of Grand Marais, and you’ll see some pictures of my stops along the shoreline and short hikes up the river gorge.

Whenever I re-visit the North Shore of Lake Superior I’m reminded of how dominant that Lake is. It permeates the daily lives of all who live nearby. It dictates weather, mood, light, and it’s the main source of drinking water for all who live up there. Its presense is felt wherever one may be in its vicinity and your eyes couldn’t help but be directed in awe towards it. When it comes to photography, I’ve never seen light like the one formed by Lake Superior. The fog and mist that randmonly descend upon you in unpredictable bursts cut the harsh sunlight and create this soft and dreamy light that’s a delight to photograph. You never know what the light is going to be like minute to minute, so you just keep discovering as you go.

(Technical details below)












Technical Details:
Canon 5D MkII
Carl Zeiss Planar 1.4/85 ZE
Carl Zeiss Distagon 2/35 ZE

  1. Raed, these are lovely. So many are so wonderfully captured. I will be looking at these many times, and depending on my mood, I will choose different favorites. Thanks for sharing.

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